Tecnoconsult International and Kaltura in joint-venture for strategic partnership in the Audiovisual Telematics Park

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Tecnoconsult International Ltd and Kaltura have signed an agreement for co-investment, implementation and management of video specialistic services for the Audiovisual Telematics Park. These services will be offered exclusively by the Park and the constituent cinema and television stages, Digital Artists Studios, part in site and part in the web-based national territory.
Starting from Kaltura free / open source platforms, it will create infrastructure for producers, publishers and digital channels, which allow extended functionality for collaboration and decentralization for each stage of production, post-production, re-packaging, tracking, cross-diffusion medial and social content. These services include research and development initiative for the Universal Audiovisual Archive, which will allow creators and producers to access, re-mix and reuse hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of video content available under public license, as well as access for a fee to broad base stock and long format content owners, creating a dynamic community of micro-producers, who may use the contents for any purpose artistic and commercial.
Moreover, Kaltura also expressed strong interest in participating in the Institute of Open Audiovisual Technology, a training center with cutting edge workshops, intensive courses and training on the job in video applications, free / open source, for which the park is searching for more partnerships in Italy.
Kaltura is the first company in the world of video development platform free / open-source. Provides computer services to fully browser-based collaborative editing, distribution and monetization on the Internet, already used by 60,000 publishers and producers in the world. The platform enables producers, publishers and digital channels to decentralize, to extend and facilitate collaboration, distribution and monetization of content over the Internet. It allows collaborative editing, remixing content, remote management, hyper-syndication, hyper-collaboration and crowd-sourcing. Kaltura offers dozens of applications and widgets developed by its partners for every need and every portal. Provides collaboration component video sources. Based in the U.S., its research and development center is in Israel.
Promoter and developer of the PTA project and constituent  Digital Artist Studios that there are going to settle. 20 years developing technology parks and multi-purpose building interventions in the North of Rome. Has acquired considerable expertise in Telematics  through the creation and management in the Ninties of software development companies, located in technology parks in Pune and Bangalore in India, with sales in 3 continents.

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