Open Media Park announces in Perugia world-leading technology park on privacy-enhancing IT and open Web

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PERUGIA, MAY 2nd /2014 — Today, at the International Journalism Festival 2014 in Perugia, the Open Media Park announces decisive procedural developments, new world leading partners and a press conference by the Lazio Region President, in regards to the imminent start of construction, in early 2015, of a 47.000 sq.mts. and 150M euros private media technology park which will be world leader in leading-edge privacy-enhancing IT technologies and next generation open Web technologies and content.

The Open Media Park – promoted since 2008 over 12 hectares of private stunning landscape in Rome, Italy – will complement the following 3 pillars at the basis the world-leading public-private Open Media District of the Lazio Region: (1) a dedicated regional legislation for the mandatory adoption by the public administration of such technologies and their active R&D funding; (2) a global trail-blazing long-term 12M User Verified Social Telematics (UVST) R&D project, lead by our Open Media Cluster innovation center, and (3) a wide and explicit vision sharing by most major private and public stakeholders, as demonstrated by the participation to the Open Media Forum 2012, and the international partnerships to the UVST project. The Cluster, already very active, will radically extend its activities by early 2015 – in a temporary location – through a 3M euros endowment it is to receive as the Park begins construction.

Snowden revelation and the open Web are rightfully at the center of the slogan of this year Festival in Perugia as, what a few years ago were just future threats and risks, constitute nowadays nothing less than a cultural emergency, for the indirect though pervasive and increasing hegemony that those proprietary Internet platforms exercise on the editorial nature of mainstream entertainment and news content; an economic emergency, for their absolutely dominant position over the Internet media value chain and their obviously interest in giving strong priority to their global/US (big budget) content partners at the expense of local content; a democratic emergency, because, as Brazilian President Rousseff said to the UN General Assembly ““In the absence of the right to privacy, there can be no true freedom of expression and opinion, and therefore no effective democracy“.

Such emergencies, nonetheless constitute concurrently a huge economic development opportunity for a one (or few) regions and nations of the world that rapidly deploy a public-private industrial strategy to conquer world or continental leadership in such technologies – as India, or Brazil and Switzerland are evaluating to do – exploiting first mover advantage.

The Park, District and Cluster will therefore transform the creation policies and technologies for the fullest actualisation of digital civil rights and and Internet media disintermediation, in a primary industrial cluster strategy for the Lazio Region.

The Park will also constitute a European model of eco-sustainability, as the new 5.000 sq.mts. Open Media Cluster headquarters inside the Park will be EU 1st office or commercial building to be Zero Emission, Off-Grid and Food-Autonomous, and with zero overall carbon emissions from employees’ commuting through an innovative neiborhood-wide carpooling initiative. The Park architecture will revolve around a 6 hectares of stunning park with secular Oaks, and will have a 1-2-1 ratio of buildings and green areas, 100% recycling, 50% less consumption than comparable modern buildings.

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For more information, or a meeting in Perugia till this saturday, contact directly Dr. Rufo Guerreschi, Open Media Park CEO and Open Media Cluster Exec. Dir., at the following: mobile +393357545620. email, twitter @rufoguerreschi, Skype rguerreschi —

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