SAVE THE DATE. In Rome, Italy, the world-leading technology park on privacy-enhancing ICT and open Web

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Rome, June 2014On July 9th 2014, in a dedicated press event in Rome, core public and private partners will announce, with global IT security and open Web experts, the Open Media District, a world leading tech park and district dedicated to leading-edge privacy- and security-enhancing IT technologies, free software and next generation open Web technologies and content, to open in Rome in 2016. After 6 years of work, and new world leading partners and projects, the President of the Lazio Region has signed extensive MOUs that guarantee a extraordinary fast-track status, and earmarks significant share of €2.6 billions of Lazio Region-managed EU R&D funds, to support investment of leading foreign and italian companies.

The vision and strategy of the Open Media District and Park rests on 4 pillars: (1) At its core, (1) the Open Media Cluster, no-profit innovation center which leads User Verified Social Telematics (UVST), a 12M€ global trail-blazing framework R&D project on ultra-privacy and open Web with over 15 Italian, EU and Brazilian R&D partners, and has attracted 12 investing and localizing partners to colocate in 5,000+ sq.mts. of joint facilities; (2) Open Media Park, a 150M€ and 47,000 sq.mts. private media technology park that will host the Cluster in EU 1st zero emission, off-grid and food-autonomous facilities in 20 hectares of a stunning location, adjacent to an existing video and tech park; (3) a dedicated regional legislation for the adoption of such techs in critical public e-services and their active R&D funding; (4) a wide and explicit vision shared by most major Italian and Lazio private and public stakeholders (see Open Media Forum 2012 for the open Web, and UVST partners and prospect for privacy ICT); (5) a 6M€ state-of-the-art facilities for the development of leading-edge hardware manufacturing verification processes and technologies, and a mini-fab for prototyping and small scale production of the world most-secure fully-transparent” “SoC” platform, developed in partnership with the Brazilian Kryptus, the world leader in the design of “open” secure processors, and other partners.

On citizen privacy (and state security!), it will go beyond the “first effective step” – as Snowden defined it – of the adoption of the best free software crypto applications promoted by the Reset The Net campaign, or the half-baked and opaque efforts of all newly announced ultra-secure devices. The Open Media Cluster will develop techs and processes based on complete verifiability, and extreme actual verification relative to complexity, not only to server and client applications, but also of OSs, hardware manufacturing, firmware, and datacenter management to “implement the technological solutions that can put an end to the mass surveillance programs of any government” – as Snowden just said – at a time when the per-unit-costs and detectability of automated continuous targeted surveillance of the user devices of millions or tens of millions is extremely low and rapidly decreasing, turning targeted surveillance systems in quasi-mass surveillance tools. Only by going to that length the Cluster and Park can really achieve the required global competitive advantage.

Our vision and strategy will transform the creation policies and technologies for the fullest actualisation of digital civil rights and Internet media disintermediation, in the primary media sector strategy for the Lazio Region” says Rufo Guerreschi, Open Media Cluster Exec. Dir.

Snowden revelations on mass and low-cost automated-targeted surveillance, and the radical marginalization of the open Web by dominant proprietary Internet platforms, constitute for Italy, and most countries, nothing less than a cultural emergency, for the indirect though pervasive and increasing hegemony that those proprietary Internet platforms exercise on the editorial nature of mainstream entertainment and news content; an economic emergency, for their absolutely dominant position over the Internet media value chain and their interest in giving priority to a few global content partners; a democratic emergency, because, as Brazilian President Rousseff said to the UN General Assembly ““In the absence of the right to privacy, there can be no true freedom of expression and opinion, and therefore no effective democracy“.

Such emergencies, nonetheless constitute concurrently a huge economic development opportunity for a one (or few) regions and nations of the world that rapidly deploy a public-private industrial strategy to conquer world or continental leadership in such technologies – as India, or Brazil and Switzerland are evaluating to do – exploiting first mover advantage, taking advantage of emerging market opportunities in emerging techs, that amount to 180bn$ till 2016 for privacy solutions (Forrester), over 65bn$ for cyber-security (CIS Uniroma) and 70bn$ in Web-native content.

The Park will further attract the world talents by realizing a European model of eco-sustainability, as the new 5.000 sq.mts. Open Media Cluster headquarters inside the Park with zero overall carbon emissions from employees’ commuting through an innovative neibourhood-wide carpooling initiative. The Park architecture will revolve around a 6 hectares of stunning park with secular Oaks, and will have a 1-2-1 ratio of buildings and green areas, 100% recycling, 50% less consumption than comparable modern buildings.

The Cluster, already very active, will radically extend its activities by early 2015 – in a temporary location – by launching full-scale it research projects through a 3M euros endowment it is to receive as the Park begins construction in 2015.

We are relieved and excited that finally on July 9th we’ll be able to announce public-private MOUs, after years of delays that finally give our partner solid guarantees about the timeline and the full sharing of its industrial strategy and scope with the Region of Lazio ,” says Rufo Guerreschi, Exec. Dir. of Open Media Cluster, “We can finally focus on building our vision in Rome, and turn into international collaborations the intense and promising negotiations we’ve had since december 2013 with the Brasilian government, the city of Milan and a major tech park in Trentino (Italy)

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For interviews or partnership inquiries, contact Dr. Rufo Guerreschi, Open Media Park CEO and Open Media Cluster Exec. Dir.: mobile +393357545620. email, twitter @rufoguerreschi —

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