China leads in AI tech parks, will Italy and Lazio Region follow?

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China is planning over the next 5 years a $2.1 billion research park focused on Artificial Intelligence, spread over 540.000 sq.mts. It was mentioned on IlSole24Ore, leading Italian newspaper.

Hopefully, Italian and Lazio Region public authorities will soon more actively endorse our proposal for €200 million Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus. Given Italy recent weakness – but also Lazio Region undisputed EU leadership in R&D in the area of security – it will have a much narrower focus than its Chinese counterpart, in order to ensure global niche competitiveness, by focusing on the bleeding-edge of cybersecurity for communications and AI systems. The Campus will be spread over 200.000 sq. mts. on a unique lot in Formello, Lazio Region, and it will be financed exclusively with private and EU public funds

Some hopes are justified given the steady support of M5S councilman Davide Barillari for over 3 years, an invitation to a special keynote at the Italian Parliament last July 2017, with the attendance of prominent Lazio Regional politicians, as well as the support shown during initial meetings with the new Mayor of Formello Gianfilippo Santi.

Davide Casaleggio, “innovation leader” of Italy largest political party M5S has called last March for Italy to build the largest campus in Artificial Intelligence in Europe. But then he has not shown to date a great appreciation for the cybersecurity challenges (and opportunities!) of both critical communications systems nor of Artificial intelligence.  

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