Available Documentation

This is a summary of the available documentation. Some documents can be downloaded from this page. Others (those marked with an asterisk) are available on request for qualified partners or (if marked with two asterisks) after signing a confidentiality agreement. A more detailed description of each document is available in the Italian version of this page.

Economic-Financial documentation

  1. ** Economic-Financial Plan ** 3/2012-3/2013 (approval phase)
  2. * Economic-Financial Plan 2013-2020 (construction phase)
  3. * Investment Opportunities and Business Case
  4. Complete Descriptive brochure the project, available online) or as a 30 pages PDF file
  5. Feasibility Assessment and Economics and Financial Scenarios prepared by Scenari Immobiliari (February 2011)
  6. List of Park Partners and Users
    1. ** copies of the agreements signed with those partners and users
  7. Descriptive Project of the Open Media Labs for the constitution of  a NewCo specialized in the production of audiovisual and interactive media
  8. Descriptive Project of the Open Media Cluster for the realization of a world class innovation center
  9. Feasibility analyses of the main physical and innovation infrastructures
    1. feasibility study of the Formello Ultra-Broadband project
    2. Plan for the Connectivity Backbone
  10. Earlier economic feasibility analyses:
    1. Economic and Financial Feasibility Study, Economic Impact of Occupational and Impact (80 pages)
    2. Economic and financial feasibility plan for of the Park and Preliminary Study by Ernst & Young (May 2008).
    3. Business Case for Industrial Development of the Audiovisual Telematics Park (January 2009);
    4. Sample study of the audiovisual real estate market in the province of Rome

Planning and Procedural Documentation

  1. Resolution of Adoption of Variant of the Telematics Park (under the European Pole of Entertainment and Communications Industry) (02/14/2012)
    1. Verbal
    2. Planning Convention Draft
    3. Design files in DWG and PDF formats
  2. Final Infrastructural resolution of the European Medial Pole by the Formello City Council (28-3-2012)
    1. Plan of the Park
    2. Zoning
    3. maps of L3 Sub-Segment
  3. Resolution of the City of Formello for the European Medial Pole Masterplan (July 23, 2010)
  4. Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipality, Province and our company (29 June 2010)
  5. Documents of the Integrated Development Programme of the Tiber Valley and Sabina (January 2008)
    1. Notice
    2. Regulation
    3. Complete documentation
  6. Original proposal of the company in the context of the Integrated Program of the Tiber Valley and Sabina (30 May 2008).
  7. Minutes of formal meetings between the Company and Public Administrations involved in the planning process, written by Provinciattiva Spa
  8. Private contract between the company and the other Proponents of the Pole, containing mutual obligations for the constitution of a consortium for the construction of common works (7-2011)

Annexes related to the Company and Real Estate Properties

  1. Constitutive act and statute
  2. Copy of incorporation certificate
  3. Indication of the shareholders (shareholders list extract)
  4. Copy of identity document and tax code of the legal representative
  5. Complete financial statements + analytical reviews of the last two full years
  6. Tax Declarations (Mod. Unico)  of the last two years the company
  7. infra-year analytic situation
  8. List of banks and their loans
  9. Property certificates
  10. Plans and cadastral records of the building
  11. Pproperty mortgage and cadastral surveys