Open Media Forum: Open Web, HTML5 and Media Technology Parks for the future of media production in Italy

June 21st, 2012 – 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 349 – ROME, ITALY

At the headquarters of the National Federation of Italian Press

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ROME, ITALY. Friday, June 15th 2012. Next June 21st, during the Open Media Forum – promoted by the Open Media Park and its Open Media Cluster innovation centre– industry experts, journalists, associations, media producers and political representatives will discuss and compare points of view about the future of the Italian media production sector and the role of shared technology strategies related to the technological platforms for media fruition via the Internet and the related content development ecosystems, centered on the Open Web Platform and HTML5.

The Open Media Park, a sort of “Cinecittà of the digital age” centered on the Open Webnew cross-media video formats and eco-sustainability – with entirely private investments for 150 Millions Euro and 14 Italian and worldwide partners leaders in these sectors – will constitute in 2014 in Europe the second media production center by number of sound-stages, and the first for innovation on the Open Web, the Open Media Cluster, with over 21,000 sq.mts of media production spaces that will create 1,200 direct jobs and more than 6,000 related jobs in the regiona media and audiovisual sector. It will offer wide hospitality and specialized services, in line with the UK Media City project, but with a much on focus on next gen web technology and eco-sustainability.

In particular, we’ll discuss the role of  high innovation media technology parks centered on the Open Web Platform, HTML5 and  and eco-sustainability, such as the Open Media Park , and its innovation center Open Media Clusteras tools that can develop such ecosystems and support a wide strategic convergence of major Italian (and European) media producers and rights holders, and consequently increase the competitiveness of the whole sector, create jobs and growth.

Confirmed speakers include:

Bernard Gidon (W3C, EMEA Business Development Leader)
Jeff Burke
 (Director of Research Initiatives, UCLA School of Film, Television and Theatre);
Flavia Barca
 (Director, Media Economy Institute of the Rosselli Foundation)
Gianluca Visalli
 (Head of Multimedia, Telecom Italia Media / LA7);
Luca De Biase
 (Nova24 editor, Sole24Ore)
Augusto Preta
 (CEO, IT Media Consulting);
Tullio Pirovano
 (CEO, Kit Digital Italia);
Marco Pellegrinato 
(Vice Director, Research and Technical Design, Mediaset);
Fabrizio Meli
 (CEO and President, L’Unita);
Mario Frullone
* (Director of Research, Ugo Bordoni Foundation);
Zohar Babin
(Director of Developer Community, Kaltura)
Oreste Signore
 (Director World Wide Web Consortium Italy, CNR manager );
Gianni Celata
 (Director Multimedia Lab CATTID😉
Mario Frullone
* (Director of Research, Ugo Bordoni Foundation)
Gino Alberico 
(Digital Standards Lead, Rai Ricerche);
Angelo Morelli*
 (Global Lead, Accenture Video Solutions);
Giorgio Tornielli
 (VP Product Development, Kit Digital Italia )
Dino Bortolotto
 (President, Assoprovider, Associazione Italiana Provider Indipendenti)
Mario Staderini
 (segretary, Italian Radical Party)
Vincenzo Vita
 (Vice-President, Senate Cultural Commission. Senator, Democratic Party)
Bruno Zambardino (Senior Researcher , 
Rosselli Foundation);
Cristina Tullio
(President, Lazio Section of the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture)
Arturo Di Corinto
 (media and open innovation expert, journalist for La Repubblica) Edoardo Narduzzi (journalist, ICT entrepreneur, author of the “Sixth Estate”)
Alessandro Luciano
 (President Fondazione Ugo Bordoni);
Francesco Carducci
 (UDC Party group manager, Lazio Region) 

The relevance of these theme derives from a present context characterized by economic emergency and by the transformation of the current business models, the competitiveness of the Italian media sector is at risk, due to the rapid migration of advertising towards interactive content centered on the Internet, the Web and Social Networks, and by the forceful entry in the market of foreign media fruition technology platforms, such as Over-the-Top and Proprietary App Stores. The quick influence that this technological supremacy will have on the editorial nature of content constitutes a cultural emergency for Italy, replacing old gatekeepers with new and more global, foreign and powerful ones, which may end up constituting a form of entrenched oligarchic and undemocratic “sixth estate” progressively absorbing power from the other five.

About the Event Promoters

The Open Media Park is promoted by Tecnoconsult International Srl, will constitute an expansion and upgrade of the Formello Productive Zone that the group founded in 1985 and counts today 2000 employees on 30,000 sq.mts of media production structures. Since the Adoption of Variant that approves the Park has been ratified in February 2012, we estimate that the Open Media Cluster will start full operations already at the beginning of 2013, in temporary spaces, and that the whole Open Media Park will open in 2014.

As of today, the partners of the Open Media Park are: UCLA School of Cinema, Television and Theatre, Accenture Video Solutions, KalturaKit DigitalEuroscenaSAE Institute, Studio 301QantmTheNetValue, the Faculty of Communication Sciences (La Sapienza University), the Department of Informatics and Systems (La Sapienza University), the CATTID Centre (La Sapienza University, BIC LazioFilm House Studios.

 CEO., at Open Media Park, and Executive Director, at Open Media Cluster

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