The Open Media Labs will constitute about 8,000 sq.mts. of facilities and services for the production of digital entertainment media, inside the Open Media Park,. It will be highly competitive on the European market thanks to advanced digital services services, and number and quality of onsite services to staff and companies, in an amazing landscape setting. Open Media Labs has attracted to date 13 major Italian and foreign leading media innovation and production players willing to co-invest with the Park in its facilities or rent facilities.

Overall, the Labs and the Park will invest about 30 million Euros in facilities and services for media production creating, when fully operational, about 300 direct jobs (in addition to the 350 foreseen for Park support functions), and a total of over 700 new jobs in the surrounding areas in other activities. It will  increase the competitiveness of the entire media supply chains of the Lazio region.

Facilities and Services: The Open Media Labs will offer, inside 8.000 sqmt of covered structures in the Park, the following services:

  • 11 will be ultra modern and modular studios for video, interactive,and virtual/augmentede reality productions.
  • Comfortable production offices, dressing and makeup rooms surrounded by green landscape and connected to a private wellness center.
  • Full services for production and cross-media publishing, valorisation of assets  and archives; innovative computerized audiovisual services, available inside and outside the Park.
  • Complete services and equipment for post-production, special effects, complete stereoscopic 3D flow, 3D animation, creation of sets, support for mobile filming and production.

Proximity Advantage: Within 300 meters from the Park there are a number of audiovisual production activities, including: deposits of three major costumes houses of Rome (TirelliCostumi, AnnaMode 68, Neri), three small and medium film studios companies, with a total of 8 theaters (FilmHouseSrl, CapitalVideoSrl, LuxVide) and many other SMEs offering audiovisual services.

Transport Accessibilty: Access from residential neighborhoods in Rome and major audiovisual business centres is far superior to that of most similar centres in Rome, as demonstrated by a thorough Analisys of Comparative Accessibility based on historical traffic measurements of the city of Rome.

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