L’Open Media Labs

The Open Media Labs will provide facilities and services for media and audiovisual production, highly competitive on the Italian and European markets thanks to their thoroughness, professionalism and innovation, thus becoming the second European audiovisual production centre  by number of studios, and the first for Web-related innovation.

Overall, the Labs and the Park will invest about 60 million Euros in facilities and services for media production creating, when fully operational, about 1200 direct jobs (in addition to the 500 foreseen for Park support functions), and a total of over 6000 jobs in other activities, indirectly linked to the Park, or created by its impact, that will increase the competitiveness of the entire value and media supply chains of the region.

A key element of competitiveness will be the closeness and synergy of the Labs with the Open Media Cluster Innovation Center,  which will be already ​​operational at the beginning of the construction works of the Park, as an expansion of the Open Media Hub, a 430 sqmt micro-innovation and co-working centre already active in Formello.

The Open Media Labs will offer, inside 27.000 sqmt of covered structures in the Park, the following services:

  • A total of 23 studios will primarily be offered for rent or lease, for periods ranging from 1 hour to multi-year contracts: 8 of those studios will be of medium and large size, all fully soundproofed, 2 with indoor swimming pool; other 11 will be small modular studies, all ready for live shows and virtual sets  a 4 acre back-lot will be equipped with mobile stage facilities, virtual sets and pre-arranged locations.
  • Complete services and equipment for post-production, special effects, complete stereoscopic 3D flow, 3D animation, creation of sets, support for mobile filming and production.
  • Comfortable production offices, dressing and makeup rooms surrounded by green landscape and connected to a private wellness center.
  • Full services for production and cross-media publishing,  valorisation of assets  and archives; innovative computerized audiovisual services, available inside and outside the Park.
  • Laboratories managed by our partners, only 300 meters away, offering a very wide choice of: furniture, props, and especially footwear (over 1,000,000) and costumes (over 100,000) of all ages, as well as abundant storage space.

Open Media Labs will be established as a joint venture between the Open Media Park and management and co-investment partners among the Italian and foreign leaders in the sector, which will rent buildings and land developed for media production. To date, such partners are KitDigital, global leader in IP-based video solutions, Euroscena, italian leader in technical services for audiovisual production, and Kaltura, global leader in browser-based open technologies for every phase of collaborative video post-production and publishing and the monetization of video content over IP networks. Discussions are ongoing with additional partners.

Within 300 meters from the Park there are a number of audiovisual production activities, including: deposits of three major costumes houses of Rome (TirelliCostumi, AnnaMode 68, Neri), three small and medium film studios companies, with a total of 8 theaters (FilmHouseSrl, CapitalVideoSrl, LuxVide) and many other SMEs offering audiovisual services.

Access from residential neighborhoods in Rome and major audiovisual business centres is far superior to that of most similar centres in Rome, as demonstrated by a thorough Analisys of Comparative Accessibility based on historical traffic measurements of the city of Rome.

Other 500 sqmt of temporary offices and meeting rooms connected to the Park with fiber optic Park links will also be made available to customers of the newco on an hourly or daily basis.

Even today, our Open Media Hub offers to micro-producers, iin 430 sqmt, the same services that the Cluster and Labs will offer in 27.000 sqmts.