Land Use Terms One-Pager

Lot Extension: about 12 hectares (115,187 sqm) Current zoning category: E1

Identification: City of Formello – Sheet 20 – particles 1774, 1775 and 1086. (Sub-segment L3 included in 1774)

Urban planning procedure in place: Integrated Programme for Development of the Tiber Valley and Sabina – Title II, which reserves a fast-track lane to urban and industrial projects of “infrastructural “nature for the development of the territory. The application was presented in May 2008.

Location: The lot is located in the productive area of ​​the City of Formello, Province of Rome, in the northern quadrant of the capital. The lot is bounded by Via Formellese, Via Santa Cornelia and Cassia Bis, a freeway with 2 lanes per direction, directly related to the GRA of Rome which is only 9 km away (about a 4 minutes trip by car). This is probably the only large plot in the North quadrant of Rome which is outside the perimeter of the Park of Veii, representing in fact the natural area of ​​expansion for the current productive area of ​​Formello.

Liens on the lot: The area in question is not encumbered by any mortgage.

Accessibility: in-depth technical analyses prove the high accessibility from Rome and the area north of it, in many cases exceeding that of production, commercial and management  locations within the GRA highway of Rome.

Existing landscape and environmental requirements: the lot is outside the Park of Veii. It is, however, subject to minor requirements that mandate that the project has to “ensure the continuity of the environmental system surrounding the area free from construction works, and after preparation of a Study of Insertion in the Landscape (SIP)”. According to the law, the size itself of the project, and not its location, requires a Strategic Environmental Assessment (VAS). VAS and SIP have been already prepared by the engineers of the Region with the most specific experience.

Timelines: the most likely date of completion of the authorization and subsequent beginning of construction work is scheduled between October and December 2012. (See “Deadlines and Procedures”).

Estimates of the current market value: the most recent estimates, made by Scenari Immobiliari in February 2011 – before, that is, to the Adoption of Variant – by applying both the transformation and the percentage impact methods, provide a current market value of € 21,000,000.
The act of Adoption of Variant by the City of Formello, issued on February 14, 2012 approved the executive plans, illustrative plans, Urban Convention Draft, Implementation Technical Rules and a program of public works which define the following terms of building rights:

  • Maximum Covered Areas: 61,021 square meters, of which 15,000 square meters of underground storage spaces, accessible from the directional and audiovisual surfaces on the ground floor
  • Uses, Surfaces, Costs and Revenues: here is an excerpt from the complete Financial Plan, which is available on qualified request:

  • Ordinary and extraordinary Municipality Charges: A total amount of of € 5,744,422 for ordinary expenses and € 4,068,505 for extraordinary expenses is due. The use of the latter, suitable for general adoption lines, will be enshrined in the Conference of the Services, but “for works that are necessary and/or collateral to the Pole”, as agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding (1-7 -2010) already signed between Municipality and private parties.
  • Roads: New dedicated exit on the Cassia Bis freeway