Expected Timeline

We estimate the most probable dates to be:
– Q2-Q3 2014, for the final approval of building permits and beginning of construction of the Park, and the consequential start of full operations of the Open Media Cluster in its central Rome temporary location with its Open Web Next R&D Project;
Q1-Q2 2016, for the end of construction and opening of the Open Media Park and the Cluster’s permanent facilities. Such estimates are based on the rationals summarized below:

  1. Substantial institutional support. The approval procedure to date has been much slower than what was prescribed as maximum approval terms in the Approval Procedure in which the Open Media Park was inserted, Programma Integrato di Sviluppo della Valle del Tevere e Sabina, for special guaranteeing a fast tack to important industrial development projects.
    Here’s why.
    The Province of Rome, lead by Nicola Zingaretti, is the institution that has come up with the original idea of a media district in Formello, and has been exclusively originator and responsible for its Approval Procedure since 2008. But the Region of Lazio offices (which includes Rome and its Province) have control the final part of the approval process after the Province and Municipality final approvals. The delay has been “arguably” due to the fact that from the year 2010 the Region of Lazio has changed political color.
    The President of the Province of Rome Nicola Zingaretti, center-left coalition, has been elected President of the Lazio Region Feb 2013, and the Region as therefore started promoting the Park form the urban planning and industrial point of view. Through July, August and September 2013, the Municipality, the Province of Rome and the Region of Lazio have started drafting a MOU in regard to procedural, infrastructural, innovation obligation of each public entity in regards to the Park and connected Open Media District project.
  2. Substantial advancement of the approval process.
    1. On Feb 14th 2012, the project has received Final Zoning Approval by the Municipality of Formello.
    2. On May 6th 2012, Formello municipality elections have confirmed the former Urban Planning Councilor, Sergio Celestino, as the new mayor which has campaigned on our project for half of his program. (www.sergiocelestino.it)
    3. Since March 22nd 2012 he Region of Lazio has started his evaluation and approval of the project for its competencies, mostly environmental and landscaping. The President of Legambiente Scientific Committee (Italy’s Greenpeace) among many other media sector experts, and leaders has participated to the presentation of our project on June 21st 2012 at the Open Media Forum in Rome.
    4. On July 24th 2013 an opinion by the Ministry Office for Archeological and Landasaping preservation has circumscribed the procedural risks of the project
  3. Substantial and documented economic and employment benefits for the Region of Lazio, Formello and Italy. 150M euros of investment, 60Me in productive activities in audiovisual and new media, 1200 direct new jobs, 6000 indirect new jobs). Viability of the project and its industrial vision is further proved by its partners and participant to its presentation during the Open Media Forum.
  4. Only private investments, no direct or indirect public costs, and 10,2M euros for infrastructure of mostly general public utility (new parkway exit, new external roads, new water tower, innovation pole, city centre castle renovation to host Cluster performing media department)