Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus

The Trustless Computing Cluster and Campus is a proposal for public-private project to jump start  – by 2020 in the Rome, Berlin and/or Vienna regions – the World’s leading research and competence centre on leading-edge security for communication, cyber-physical and artificial intelligence systems, by offering an unmatched array of scientific, quality of life and economic incentives to the very best talents, researchers, startups, accelerators and companies in such sectors.

Lead by the Trustless Computing Association – and its partner, standards and approach – it aims to create a thriving geo-located open ecosystem around its uniquely uncompromising and comprehensive security-by-design principles, prposed Certification Body, and a complete open computing base and supply chain comprising a complete supply chain of all critical components. It will create a sort of an “ultra-secure Arduino” ecosystem.

Its revolutionary political-economic model of the Cluster aims to achieve a very substantial, sustainable and distributed economic development, through the promotion of World-leading public policies the research subsidies, pre-commercial procurement and early adoption policies, leading-edge cyber security certifications, and over €200M of R&D/innovation private co-investments in ultra-secure IT and AI, and innovative and extensive retraining programs for the unemployed. (see diagram on the right)

Local partner and locations are being explored in Rome, Vienna, and Berlin:

  • Berlin has been for over a decade a location of choice for ethical hackers and digital privacy technology activist and has advanced universities and companies in the area, such as Rohde and Swartz and TU Berlin.
  • Vienna has a high concentration of security researchers and secure IT companies, startups, and incubators, and it is increasingly active in attracting new talents.
  • Rome Region has the highest number of EU of entities that have been coordinators of approved EU R&D projects in the area of security. (Miur pdf)An advanced level of planning has been ongoing for years in regards to its location in planned 150M€ and 47.000 sq.mts. Open Media Park, in Rome, Italy, it is wrapped around a stunning park made of centennial oaks, smooth rolling hills and 3000-years-old ancient Etruscan archaeological treasures with and trails, on a uniquely-located 12-hectares lot, and it is supported by 16.000 sq.mts. 4-star hospitality/hotel, long-term rental, Congress, and wellness facility, and 8.000 sq.mts. of services. Surrounded by lakes, trails, and picturesque towns of the Regional Park of Veio, the Campus is only 3 minutes away from world-renowned Olgiata gold and horse riding facilities, 8 minutes away from Rome ring road, and 25 minutes from Rome’s main international airport.

[A 13-pager Executive Summary is available to qualified requests in EN and IT ]

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