Locational Advantage


The Cluster is located in the Formello Productive Zone, which is only 8 minutes by car by Rome’s Ring Road and well served by bus and at-grade railways. At rush hour, the Cluster is accessible in about 30 minutes from most of Rome and the Fiumicino airport, since it is a drive in the direction opposite to the peak hour flows, and the northern and eastern sections of Rome’s ring road are way less congested than the other sections (consisting mostly of natural preserved areas, such as Veio Park).

Due to the surrounding low population density, the primary roads that connect the Park with Rome, as the Cassia Bis, are characterized by relatively low traffic levels, with respect to the rest of the city. The northern quarter of the GRA (ring highway around Rome) is usually much less congested than the southern one, especially after the creation of new bypasses, junctions and the recent inauguration, in this section, of the third lane. For these reasons, getting to the Park is a 4 minutes drive from the GRA and only a 20-30 minutes ride from the main residential areas of Rome.

A thorough analysis of comparative accessibility for cars and public transportation has been performed, using the official historical traffic data of the City of Rome, which includes a detailed comparison with other ICT and audiovisual production centers of the city. The results show that (particularly by car, the preferred solution for 95% of workers of this sector) the Park is more accessible than Cinecittà and most other audiovisual production in Rome. Both the Complete Comparative Accessibility Analysis (PDF, 40 pages) or an 18 pages Synthesis are available for download. The isochronous maps at the bottom of this page, instead, show through colours the exact travel times during work rush hours between the Open Media Park and any other place in the province of Rome: